Custom Woven Loop Fold Label for Your Brand

Custom Woven Loop Fold Label for Your Brand

Custom woven labels for clothing are of different types. Among the list, size labels, brand labels, and care labels are inevitable from the perspective of both the manufacturer and the buyer. Being fast pacing to the top position from the best-woven label suppliers in Dubai, the creative vision team has made industry-oriented study a habit. The majority are aware of the type of labels but not the folds. Let’s check in detail about the Loop fold woven labels. 

What is a Loop fold?

A loop-fold woven label will have a fold in the middle, but the maker will not press on the fold. The other two ends will stitch into the garments, usually at the seam. These labels have all the benefits of a centerfold. Both sides of the tag can customize to weave necessary details and logos. Then the loop fold label will remain a better branding option. The two edges at the other end provide a sturdy platform to allow stitching over them. 

Where are they suited?

Loop fold woven labels are best to sew on thin materials like satin, net, sheer, and silk fabrics. They go well with fabrics of medium thickness, as well. Apparel made of lightweight fabric needs loop-fold labels on them, as they lay flat on the garment, which provides a neater and more professional appearance.

High-end designers and manufacturers mainly use these two folds for apparel or garment brands. Of course, any label can do the branding and more knowledge on knowing your product and fitting the best tags for them will add to the effectiveness of the promotion. Luxurious outer face and professionalism are the other two added benefits.

It’s about loop-fold woven tags. Each label and fold type has a specific function, and there are apparels or garments to which they are better to use. Before selecting one for your brand, to explore unlimited facts and customize your label, come to Creative Vision.

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