Successfully exhibited Creative Vision woven labels at the International Apparel & Textile Fair 2022

Successfully exhibited Creative Vision woven labels at the International Apparel & Textile Fair 2022

Exhibitions in Dubai mean a door to a splendid of opportunities. Expo Dubai 2020 justify that better. As a global manufacturer and exporter of woven labels in Dubai, we never skip them. The recent International Apparel & Textile Fair 2022 on 28, 29, and 30 November at the world trade centre Dubai gave us a much glad feeling. The show helped us to showcase ourselves as the best-woven logo manufacturer and supplier in Dubai.

How could we stand out?

The only exhibitor to exhibit woven labels

We could read the joy in the eyes of many valuable visitors when we say we are doing tags, labels and that too in UAE. Ours was the only company from UAE to participate in the exhibition. Also, the only company representing custom-woven clothing labels. We have already spread over the market. Still, when new customers appreciate us for making superior quality affordable labels, we feel overwhelmed. It aided us in exploring both local and international visitors alike. As our factory is in the UAE, it is easy to connect with us. Though our service is not limited to the UAE, buying things from the home country is always economical.

Our methodological approach

As in the case of any other exhibitions we participate in, we did something different. This time it was the mini-label bag. Our focus was on the products which talk for us rather than time-consuming oral explanations. We received good feedback from whoever is interested in woven tags for the bag we gifted by complimenting their precious visit to our booth.

Support from the show organizers

Ever since the customization of the booth to the wind-up of the show, coordinators offered appreciative assistance. We express our sincere gratitude to the organizers for their unparalleled coordination. Our booth was at the entrance of the hall. That was also a reason why we got more and most attention.

What are our gains?

In a single sentence, much fame from our made-in-UAE woven tags and uniforms. Our presence in UAE for decades as popular and as prominent. The 1000+ regular happy customers worldwide guarantee our relevance for the coming years. We recommend companies should always seriously participate in the events like this regardless of the current position in the market. There is no limit to the possible growth of your business until you limit yourselves. We are grateful to the coordinators for letting us explore valuable individuals. Mr Mohammed Siddique from the Lulu international group was one of our valuable guests. Big clients from corners of the world, Poland, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, etc., dignified our booth with their precious visits. We could also share knowledge with students from different universities in UAE. Above all, the event opened doors to some wealthy and remarkable business deals.

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