The Symbols on Woven Laundry Care Labels

The Symbols on Woven Laundry Care Labels

Have you ever been curious to know from where the symbols for laundry care labels come? There is a purpose for each word, symbol, and a brilliant arrangement of them on woven laundry care labels. GINETEX came into existence to take care of everything exclusively about care labels for textiles in 1975. By giving signs to convey intended messages, they ensure uniformity regardless of the language. So that people from any nation can understand how to care for and treat for details. Creative Vision is also incorporating these rules while making woven labels. According to the organization, there are five standard symbols to carry care and treat information.

Protect your favorite garments with our woven laundry care labels. Our care symbols make it easy to care for even the most delicate fabrics, so you can keep your clothes looking like new for longer.


This process should show by the symbol of a container carrying water. There are several sub-categories under them. Those mentioned with allowed temperature, cool down, range of rinsing, spinning speed, hand wash, and do not wash. A line directly under the container symbolizes the cool-down process, and a hand dipped in water shows the hand clean only. Like them, there are 12 symbols for laundry in total.


Bleaching processes should display with triangles. It has two symbols. One represents chlorine-based bleaching is permitted, and the other tells us not to do so. A cloth with such a warning icon will get damaged by the bleach.


Ironing has four symbols represented by an ironing machine. Three of them represent the limited sole-plate temperature. Users can iron on materials with these two signs, but only under specified heat. The last one says not to do ironing and steaming.

Dry clean

Circles with the letters A, P, and F are adopted to deliver dry cleaning methods. The letter A stands for the clothes that can dry clean in all the approved solvents. It also includes those coming under P. Only white spirit come under the letter F. 


A circle inscribed in a square will represent the dos and don’ts of drying. Three symbols are in this category. Two figures denote the acceptance of hot air drying by mentioning the heat range, and the other marks a clear no to the tumble-drying process.

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