woven labels

Manufacturers of high quality woven labels

woven labels provide the best weave structure, using the thinnest threads for detailed logos, elegant typography and woven images and are used by some of the most prestigious and respected names in fashion

Our Label Finishes exceeding in:
  • Loop Fold:With a loop fold label, the fabric is folded in half to form a loop, then the two ends are sewn into the seam of the garment, usually at the neck or hip. Loop fold labels are fixed very securely to the garment, so it’s a long-lasting, lightweight option that works well for the majority of fashion and apparel customers.
  • Border Label: Border labels, also known as ‘flat labels’, are normally found in one-off pieces such as tailored suits and wedding dresses. Traditionally, a label that was sewn on all four edges gave the buyer a clear sign that this was a higher quality garment, because it would cost more, in labour, to stitch all four edges. 
  • Each End Fold Label: The Each End fold label is often wider than it is tall — it’s perfect for text-based labels like brand names, websites and slogans. Each end folds tend to be used on high-end couture and designer garments, purely because it’s a label type that accommodates landscape-oriented and text-based logos so well. 

  • Mitre Fold: When you hang a jumper or a shirt on a coat hook, you’re usually using a mitre-folded label to do it! The ends of a mitre label are folded at a forty five degree angle so that they point directly upwards, then these two label ends get stitched directly into the seam. It’s a great choice for softer garments that need a lot of movement

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