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Custom woven label for clothing has become a super popular product every apparel brand owner use. There are a lot of types of tags available in the current market. Nothing guarantees excellent performance other than polyester woven labels. The big team we have built to make the custom woven labels for clothing purely aim at the manufacturers of abayas, t-shirts, jeans, denim, gowns, uniforms, shoes, clothing accessories etc. They are luckier to have such affordable branding tools when many manufacturers struggle hard to find a way to market their products. Despite these advantages, if you are not using the woven label on their textile product, it only means you are not a wise investor.

Many have understood their relevance but still are unaware of why, when and where to use them. There are three points to take care of while planning to use labels. The practical application of these three facts will aid brand owners far better than they currently do.

Material of woven labels

No matter what the fabric of your product is, never use anything other than labels made of polyester or metallic threads on them. Think like you pay and customize labels to get the optimum use of them for a long time.

Types of woven labels

There exist many types of woven labels, patches, Main labels, size labels, care labels, zipper labels, branding labels, decorative labels, ribbons, flag labels, tape labels, tubes, etc. They are unavoidable, but that does not mean a brand owner or designer should use all these on a single product. Among these, size labels, care labels and brand or name labels should use. The rest of them are choices and use only depending on particular criteria.

Where use woven labels

Always showcase the name labels. If you hide, it’s like you are doing the wrong marketing. So, with no excuse, make them the face of your brand. Beautifully weave your logos or company name with us and spread them all over by sewing the made labels to your products. The location could be the seams, sides and sleeves. Always design the dress by incorporating brand labels as an elegant decorative element. Nothing can give your company a positive image as woven labels.

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