Zippers can use as a good branding option rather than just a mechanism to open and close a bag, purse, dress, or any items of a similar kind. How many of you are aware of that fact? Our responsibilities as the best label maker in UAE, a worldwide exporter of custom woven labels, have made us bring something beneficial to our valued customers. That’s why we come up with zipper labels or zipper tags. Expensive marketing strategies that do not guarantee turnover should be second choices only.

If you own a brand of clothing, bags, suitcases or wallets, you should explore all possible branding possibilities within the product itself. From the point of view of the best-woven label supplier in Dubai, we are answering five usually asked questions about woven labels. That could be beneficial to every manufacturer who wants to win the market.

What is a zipper label?

A zipper label is a small tag attached to the zipper of any item, typically having the name of the manufacturer or brand as well as the size and style. Zipper labels are as relevant as size, brand and care labels.

Why are zipper labels important? 

Zipper labels are important because they help identify the product and can provide information about the size, style, and manufacturer. Attaching the zipper tags is the best way to brand them. Unnoticeable metal, plastic or coil zippers will do the opening and closing purposes perfectly. But, when you think as a business person, a bag might have a minimum of 5 zippers. What if all those zippers carry the name of your brand forever? Is not that a brilliant way to popularize your brand in the market? They are also super effective in making your product unique, stylish and convenient.

What are the requirements for zipper labels?  

There are no specific requirements for zipper labels, but they should be simple, small, elegant and made of good quality durable material that can withstand repeated use. The rest of all is up to the brand owner.

Why do high-end manufacturers use zipper tags?

 High-end manufacturers use them as early birds following market studies and implementing innovative marketing options. They have already understood the potential of zipper tags.

How do zipper labels brand your bags?  

The repeated view of your brand name in customers’ minds will set a positive brand image. A concern that your brand is highly relevant and something unique will come to their mind. They will think the product is worth using and far better than the competitor.

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