damask or taffeta woven labels


Personalized fabric labels mean the customer should know everything about custom woven labels, materials, price, type of weave, folds, etc. To decide whether the brand wants damask or taffeta tags, the customer needs to have good knowledge of both. A personalized sewing label only means that compare everything related to a label and then select the suitable one.

Read more about taffeta and damask custom clothing labels from one of the best-woven label suppliers in Dubai.


  • Damask designer clothing labels are the most suitable high-quality labels to show out. If yours is a high-end fashion clothing brand or if you’re desperate to elevate your branding at that one level, then, of course, you should consider them more than any other label. You can see that your venture succeeds in branding and getting a place in the market in a short period. Such labels are made by weaving polyester threads, lurex, or metallic threads as tight nearby. They have a soft or super finished and intangible look. They are widely used as Neck labels and size labels and are preferred when the design is complex, to get a fine and smooth finish. The gleaming baseline makes them distinctive and professional.


  • Taffeta sewing labels indeed are the most economical garment labels. When the budget is of frontline criterion for selection rest are negligible, then taffeta labels are the best. You can get more quantity of them compared to damask labels for a fixed price. They are a little behind to damask labels in quality and durability as a bit wrinkle-prone and have limitations like not use where there is a chance of direct skin contact. But one thing is sure, damask tags cannot be economical as taffeta clothing tags.
  • They have a somewhat smooth surface and allow more details to incorporate. So, care labels and brand labels are made on taffeta weave. 
  • A concerned brand owner should never take personalized fabric labels or custom sewing labels for granted. While we, the best-woven label manufacturer in Dubai, help you in every sense. There’s more information like this on our website. Moreover, you can reach out to us any time for custom-made fabric labels to get the best quality, affordable, or cheap woven labels.


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