Double-sided woven labels are becoming popular with Creative vision textiles.

We are grateful for raising consumer awareness about the environment and some assured advantages resulting in a relevant increase in the demand for double-sided woven labels. Among the different types of fabric labels for the clothing we produce, they offer more functionality and convenience and act in a space-saving way by enabling messages, lettering, or images on both sides of the label, wherein either side of the tags is informative-a kind of optimum utilization of resources. Interestingly, customers nowadays are elaborating their knowledge on woven labels and are already stuck to the decision of selecting us for custom clothing labels and repeatedly sending the quote for bulk amounts per week.


More than that majority of our international clients are stubborn about using Double sided labels. Significantly, some important high-end manufacturers from France are to incorporate the possible climate impact of every product on the tags themselves, as per the upcoming expected government declaration. That has made them think about making the woven label double-sided sooner. France mandates everyone to go through their perception of “is it better for the environment” before buying a product. The particular intention may sooner spread over the world. That will quickly lead to a further hike in demand.

As per our forecast result and from the experience of serving as the best clothing label distributors for a long while, we are expecting more international clients in the coming days for double-sided custom clothing tags. Getting into the changing trends at the international level and acting according to them is very important for any business to grow beyond limits.





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