Lurex woven Labels

Everything you should know about the lurex woven labels

Perhaps you might now be familiar with the terms woven labels, polyester labels, custom clothing labels, sew-on labels, fabric labels, etc. But, the potentials of lurex labels are yet to know. While you are looking to set up the professionalism of your brand, you should know about lurex labels. They are better when you can’t compromise on the luxury appearance.

What is a lurex label?

Lurex labels or metallic labels are made of polyester thread with a metallic appearance making the woven label shiny and more elegant than polyester labels. It has now started becoming popular like the Double-sided labels. Either the taffeta woven labels or damask woven labels can do neatly in the lurex material. These metallic labels either deliver the appearance of silver metal or gold. They are used exactly like custom clothing tags, sewing on or stitching onto clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

Customized lurex woven labels

Every customization possibility applicable to Creative vision’s polyester labels will go with unique lurex labels. In the creative vision, we do them in rectangular and square shapes as any type of label like size label, main label, brand label, description label, etc. When it comes to customizing the color, our client has the freedom to choose both background and lettering, logo, or messages to do in the shimmering lurex. Silver metallic background with black lettering is the hugely demanded one. In your collaboration with us, there is no limitation to choosing your favorite color combination. The size options are also unlimited.


Metallic woven labels or lurex woven labels?

Being the prominent custom woven label manufacturer and worldwide exporter, we can’t say the lurex or metallic label is better than polyester woven labels or vice versa. Both share similar qualities even though the lurex holds shining that we don’t get from the woven labels. The customer’s perception and product type are the primary factors in deciding which is better. Both can withstand numerous wash cycles, for the quality, our success in this field, and regular customer are the guarantees. For more details, you can approach us with any of your needs to customize or select the best suitable labels for your product. We’ll help you with the A-to-Z information about woven labels to step above everybody else’s product.



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