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Creative Vision Textiles is one of the best manufacturers of Wide Variety Of Custom Woven Labels For Clothing. These Custom Woven Labels For Clothing Can Be Customized In Desired Way Of Customers. These Custom Woven Labels For Clothing Are Widely Used For Labelling Purpose In Clothes And Garment Companies. These Custom Woven Labels For Clothing Are Manufactured Using Best Quality Raw Materials

Different types of Lael we used to Explore:

  • Shirt Label
  • Clothing Tag Manufacturers
  • Fabric Labels for Clothes
  • Brand Tag Printing
  • Dress Tag Design
  • Hand ag Printing
Brand Labels

Label Finishing Style

LOOP FOLD: Loop fold labels are folded in the middle and sewn into the top seam of a garment. This label can be looped horizontally or vertically for lifestyle and home furnishing products.

End End Fold Label:  End fold labels are folded at each end to create a neat finish when sewn into a garment. The folds can be applied at all sides of the label, including top and bottom

Border Label: Border labels or “flat labels” are sewn flush to a garment around all 4 edges.

Mitre Fold: A mitre fold label has its ends folded at a 45-degree angle, to create tabs that can be sewn into a garment. Mitre fold labels allow clothing to be hung and are traditionally sewn into the neck of a garment.

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