woven labels

Which Fabrics used for Woven labels?

 custom labels are the best way to add a professional touch to your items and remind your customers of your brand.woven labels actually use thread to weave or embroider your design into the fabric of the label.

Taffeta Woven Labels

Taffeta labels are made from woven polyester threads. Taffeta is a thicker, slightly stiffer fabric. The background of the design is made of taffeta, while damask threads make up the text and design

Satin Woven Labels

Satin labels, made from woven satin polyester threads, are soft and shiny. They are recommended for items that need to be soft to the touch such as baby clothes. The text and design of a satin label is made with damask threads, but the background is the satin fabric which comes in limited colors. The luxurious look of satin labels is also great if you have vintage style pieces.


Made from 100% polyester damask threads, they have the highest thread count which means they show small details of text and design better than other options making them great for customizing with your own logo. While these labels are priced the highest, they’re the best quality. They’re soft and durable, and they offer the best variety of color options.

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