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Located in United Arab Emirates, Creative vision textiles is a leading global woven label manufacturer and exporter.

Located in United Arab Emirates, Creative vision textiles is a leading global woven label manufacturer and exporter.

Located in United Arab Emirates, Creative vision textiles is a leading global woven label manufacturer and exporter. We have come a long way with 700+ happy regular customers in our ever-widening local and international client network

Starting with the basics, we’ve come a long way “The zero in our journey is not when this idea came to our mind when we set up the latest cutting and weaving machinery or when we procured resources in bulk, it’s when we started seriously thinking about our marketing strategies”.

When our woven labels speak about clients’ products and their professionalism, we concentrated on creating it the way their quality and professionalism speak for us. This strategy hugely revolutionized our marketing.

We assembled a team of expert professionals by considering time as the most important investment to be spent least. Our professionals have years of experience in the field and the capability to go with the ever-changing trends, to choose the material, design, weave, present, and in the utmost manage.

She wants the best;

Elisa Arrigoni was searching for the best custom label printer for her clothing brand that would match our woven label’s features. She reached us through our Instagram page (Page link) and shared the logo by mandating three criteria,

  • Superior quality polyester
  • Exact design with a smooth finish
  • Delivery within two days

Wants the business to continue to grow” was her driving force to approach us. Elisa is one of our most important clients who understood well the possible potential of our woven labels to promote a product.

“Amazing team. Kit was very responsive and available to understand our requirements. I will order again”

                                                         ~Elisa Arrigoni

She once approached us and now has become our repeated buyer. We wish her all the success in business.

Like her, we have the stories of about thousands of happy customers to share.

While they used a different label, it didn’t create any movement in sales or promotion. But remain like an unnoticed foreign material with any difference in presence or absence.

“But now my product has a face that’s being recognized by many. Thanks to creative vision” is what each of them shares with us.

Their words mean a lot to us.

At this point, we realized our woven labels were enough to speak about us and our customers’ products already.

Transforming your ideas, logos, and messages into woven labels is not just a side hustle for us. Instead, it’s our responsibility to give a face to your product and showcase it to get maximum exposure.

Our story from zero to hundred though we didn’t see zero as scratch and 100 as a final point, is as worth, as valuable, as one who started a business from scratch as we achieved the target of building a potential client network through our effective business strategies.