“A fold for a purpose”-The creative vision textile’s recent single-end Mitre fold, size label

To emphasize “the best place to get your custom clothing labels,” Creative vision textiles recently made a not-so-usual cut of fabric labels following the custom needs of a client.

The detailed explanation of requirements from the customer made our expert team reach that the customer is to us for one side Mitre fold size labels. While the purpose of the customer gets satisfied through us, as any time ready to serve clothing labels distributor all over the world, the creative vision team proves the worth of existence in the field of woven labels. 

One side Mitre fold label was a wise choice for his soft garment product. The number of inquiries like this, with a clear awareness about the best-suited woven labels for their brand, shows how seriously they are into woven labels by considering them as a branding element. A fold at a 45-degree angle at a single end is for more workability as such a rare cut label can be sewn easily onto the garment via the fold. The long-size label with the single white letter on the black background delivered uncompromising professionalism. 

We are here to deliver branding labels rather than just fabric labels for clothing. That’s the reason behind doing it by researching the comfort side of those who use the product also.  

Any soft garments with a chance for a lot of movements like children’s clothing are better to adopt this kind of label. Because the corners of the tags are not in contact with the skin and thereby offer a softer effect leaving no itching or even a chance of scratch. If the logo is long and sewn onto the neck miter fold, labels will serve as exceptionally beneficial custom clothing tags.

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