Printed woven labels

Why are custom woven labels better than printed labels?

Creative vision textiles LLC can vouch for the advantages of woven clothing labels from our authentic experiences with them. Clothing tags are far better than printed labels in performance and life. It’s not just about custom woven labels or custom fabric labels, anyone who buys any product likes its attractiveness, quality, and ease of use. The rest of the things are of secondary priority only. It is indisputable that woven labels perform very well in comparative studies. Especially our polyester woven labels. They have a reputation as the best quality woven labels. It’s not named that for nothing. Being woven on a hundred 100% polyester yarns, they have an irreplaceable elegance.

 Also, our Woven sewing labels do not fade or wear out like the printed labels through repeated washing or use. Once used, woven tags remain excellent branding labels forever. The experiences of the customers are that even if the product gets damaged, the best custom woven labels you get from us will not get damaged. We are not sure if all the labels that come under the tag of best woven labels offer such benefits. But if you are using number one labels customized with the help of creative vision textiles then these facts are 100% correct. Printed labels are also said to be a little itchy. But clothing labels never cause any skin problems. Even our neck labels are very comfortable. As far as lurex labels are concerned, they have all the properties of polyester woven clothing labels except with more gloss. If you want a luxury look for your apparel, don’t think twice and prefer lurex or metallic labels. We can say woven labels are better and worth than printed labels because of the guaranteed excellent performance by overcoming all the adversities.


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