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Make perfect woven neck labels with Creative Vision.

Make perfect woven neck labels with Creative Vision.

Woven neck labels are not only just needed but are mandatory these days. Because customers are more interested in online shopping than offline, well-crafted woven neck labels will be a complete guide regarding the blend of materials, care instructions, size, made-in-country, etc. So, it is always better to make them more attractive, with the super finish and good quality threads. Federal Trade Commission’s rules state to incorporate such details. Many brands have made so and already succeed in the market. Because by weaving the labels, one can make them professional and cute and impart the same to the garments once fixed. 

Brand Identity

Mentioning the original name of your brand on the label is a must if you want to make a good product face in the market. If someone else takes that in the future, that may be the big blow your product face. Perhaps it may result in the complete loss of the business. The timely and wise decisions will give your brand a better future. Leave a signature of your brand on everything you produce. The best is to stitch the woven brand name or logo that lasts for a long.

Material information

You might have seen information like 100% cotton, 100% polyester, etc., on apparel. As per the rule, if the product is from a fibrous material, the neck labels should mention each constituent used to make the fibre. That should be accurate as well. Certain people are allergic to some raw materials. If the material information is not genuine, that could even break the trust. Perhaps serious issues will arise in the future. 

Country of origin

Creative Vision is famous for made-in-UAE labels. Some customers buy a product by checking the original manufacturing country only. Perhaps that could be the only reason why they buy your products. So, never miss to mention it on the neck labels.

Care instruction

One should always add a care label to the product. But care symbols of information about ironing, washing, and bleaching should be on neck labels too.

When you come to Creative Vision textiles to make a tag or label, we always offer a helping hand to make the accurate one. Our team is happy to assist you with making a perfect label and taking your brand to the next level.

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